Year in Review

As we rapidly near the end of 2010, it only seems fitting to look back on what we've accomplished over the last 12 months.  A summary of sorts.  It has been a wild ride since we bought our little casa in February, so I thought it would be fun to take a peak at all that has happened since. 

Here are some of the projects from 2010:

Half-Bath Makeover

(click here for more information on that project)

Kitchen Makeover
(this was by far the biggest transformation....for more
on the process, check here, here, here, here and here too!)

Dining Room Makeover
(click here for more information on that project)

Exterior Makeover
(click here, here, here, here and here for more information)

Hallway Makeover
(click here for more information on this project)

Deck Installation
(click here and here for more information on this project)

Living Room Makeover

I think that's it for the big projects of the year.  We definitely did a lot of other little projects here and there, but these were definitely the most time-consuming.  I can't tell you how happy I am to check these off of my to-do list for the year.

But just as we close out the 2010 list, it's time to put together a new one for 2011......

Here are some preliminary thoughts (I will do another post next week after I reflect a bit more on the coming year)

2011 House Projects
Re-paint office and guest bedroom
Remodel full bath upstairs
Finish basement (w/ half bath??)
Install new windows (DIY or hire?)
Paint garage doors black
Repair cracks in exterior trim pieces (re-paint)
Re-seed lawn, plant, mulch, landscape front & backyard
Finish molding and painting trim around side storm door
Clean and organize remaining boxes/items in garage/basement
Create built-in bookshelves/bench for living room
New roof for garage
Clean and repair gutters
Stain or paint deck
Find cheap patio furniture and refinish

2011 Craft/Art/Design Projects
Print maps of places lived/visited to create frame wall
Print photos for black frames in hallway
Refinish (2) craigslist side tables
Refinish (2) thrift store/hand-me-down dressers
Create vintage-looking signs for guest bedroom or future nursery
Make another coffee filter wreath for sister-in-law
Create or repurpose letters for kitchen (maybe "EAT")
Sew curtains for guest bedroom and office
Find/buy/make/distress coffee table (This is starting to inch up the priority list....I HATE our current one)

Ok, I'll stop now before I start to have a panic attack.  All of those projects are exciting and I'm looking forward to it, but its also a little overwhelming.  Many of them will not happen immediately, if at all, but at least we have something to keep us focused (and motivated since I just told you all I was going to do it) throughout the year.  Our priorities will definitely be the windows and the roof, since those are necessary for both safety and energy efficiency, but the rest can probably wait until the spring or summer.  I will definitely keep you all posted on our progress and let you know if we have added anything more to the list as the year goes on. 

For now, we are just going to enjoy the end of 2010 and get ready for another exciting new year in our home.  And although this post has gotten me thinking about all sorts of other resolutions and lists (both personal and professional), I will save those musings for another day since I have bored you enough already with this unending diatribe.  Have a happy new year and I will see you all in 2011!!!!

Oh, and before I part with you today, I just wanted to point out two new additions to the list of "Blogs I love" on my sidebar.  Please check out Roasted Beat for a witty repartee on life, great food and reality tv.  My friend RB is charming, honest, witty and a great writer to boot.  Also on the new list of faves is my friend Molly (and B's cousin's wife) who shares her passion for great food on a dime in her blog Cheap Beets!  (Kind of funny that they both use beets (or "beats") as their muse....small world)!!  But seriously, go check them both out.  They are wonderful people but also really great writers with a lot to share!


  1. Thank you for the recap of all the big things you did this year! (and for the very nice shout-out). :) As a new reader, it's so handy to see the year's highlights all in one place with pertinent links for each. And I LOVE LISTS. Good idea posting to-do's on the blog, where not only do you see them regularly, you sort of commit to them publicly. I think I should adopt this approach.

  2. i love your recap! you have accomplished alot!Good for you! wishing you the best in 2011!