Update: Deck Progress

I regret to inform you that I have done NOTHING that I've promised in the last week.  I STILL haven't shown deck photos and I definitely haven't grouted the kitchen backsplash.  And possibly even worse, and I can't even believe I am admitting this, but I haven't even purchased pumpkins yet.  And Halloween is in TWO DAYS!!!  I'm officially a bad person.  I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm just not motivated to do ANYTHING right now.  I am so tired when I get home from work that I can't imagine getting projects done.  Once I make eye-contact (if that's even possible) with the couch, it's over, my friend.  I am a waste of space for the rest of the night.  Maybe it's just a phase.  Let's hope.

But, buried somewhere in all of my wallowing, there is some good news left to share.  My parents are coming up tomorrow, and I think B's dad as well, and we are going to completely finish up the deck!!  I am also going to grout...SERIOUSLY!  AND my mom is going to help me make a bench cushion for our little built-in in the kitchen.  And if all goes well, we will make seat cushions for the bar stools and dining room chairs too!!  EEEEE!!  I am so excited!  I know that its a lot to accomplish in one day, but with all of the help we will have, we should be able to get most of it done.  Right?  Here's hopin'....

I have a little teaser to share with you, though, before I head out to gather materials for the shin-dig tomorrow (I have to call it that or else it's just too painful to think about).  I also need to pick up a fake gun for B's Halloween costume....wonder how my co-workers will feel when I bring that back to the office after lunch....Haha.  He is going as a safari guy (SHOCKING) and I am going as a cowgirl.  We already had most of the outfits in our closets, so it is a cheap, and still festive way of celebrating the holiday!!  :)   But, back to the teaser. 

Here is what the back of the house looked like when we moved in:

There was actually a beautiful dogwood tree to the right of the garage
(although it was not in bloom when this photo was taken).  It was a tragedy
to rip it out, but absolutely necessary for the deck/slider project to work. 

And this was what it looked like during the slider installation....EEEK,
I have a hole in my house!!!  Luckily it was only for a few hours though!!!...

And now...four months later....

I still need to stain the deck and paint the trim around the slider...but we are getting there
(and please excuse the random pieces of discarded wood all over the yard...we have a
little cleaning up to do, boys!!!  See what happens when men run a project....humph!)

The plan this weekend is to finish up the extension part of the deck (which runs along the back of the garage).  There will be two steps down from the main deck and then another 8' x 16' deck area down there.  We will eventually build a bench along the garage wall for extra seating.  We were originally going to add another set of stairs over there to the backyard, but the ground is sloped so much that it would be more dangerous than its worth.  The stairs that B built for the side of the main deck will be sufficient!  I'm so happy with how it is all turning out!  I can't wait to see it all finished this weekend.....although I CAN wait to stain it.  I am dreading that task more than the backsplash right now....which is A LOT!!!!

So there you have it...a little glimpse into the deck progress so far.  Hopefully I will be back on Monday with a FINAL REVEAL of the whole project!   I can't wait to share all of the photos from start to finish! 

Have a great weekend...and most importantly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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  1. don't feel bad about the pumpkins. we bought ours a week ago and still haven't carved it! : (