Stylish Blogger Award

Exciting news today on the blog front (and a nice departure from the eeyore-esque post of yesterday), E over at Charm White has named me 1 of her 15 recently discovered blogs!!!  If you haven't checked out her blog before, I highly recommend heading on over.  I am really honored!  I had no idea something like this even existed, but I think it's wonderful!  To accept the award though, I need to share with all of you 7 things about myself.  So here goes nothing:

(1) I am certifiably addicted to frozen yogurt (mint chocolate chip to be exact...the white kind, if possible)...which doesn't sound that weird, but I honestly have it EVERY DAY!

(2) I have travelled to 11 different countries (some more than once) all in the last 10 years of my life

(3) If I could only watch one channel on TV, it would be HGTV....hands down.  There isn't even a close second....

(4) I have really neat penmanship.  A friend in elementary school actually wrote a letter to Microsoft with a copy of my handwriting to see if they would make it a font....haha!  No luck though.

(5) Before moving into my new house, I had never touched power tools (only hand saws and screwdrivers).  I can't believe it took me this long......I am a changed woman now.

(6) My first CD was Under the Table and Dreaming by Dave Matthews.  I thought I was soooo cool!

(7) I lived in London for a semester in college; studying at London School of Economics and working in Parliament for William Olner.  Best experience of my life!  I am still friends with him today actually.  He came to my wedding!!  And on a similar note....B surprised me with a trip to London in August 2007 to propose (since he knew it was my favorite place)  Aw...

So there you have it...a little glimpse into some random facts of my life!!  Hope you enjoyed.  And now all I have left to do is dub a few of my own awards to some stylish and fun blogs!!  This is actually harder than it looks since there are SO many great blogs out there (I even have more than 15 on my "Blogs I Love" list.) Decisions, decisions....
And the winners are (in no particular order):
Alaina at Recycled Interiors
Mary Grace at White Waxflower
RB at Roasted Beet
Kristine at Painted Hive
Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl
Kate at Centsational Girl
Layla at The Lettered Cottage
Molly at Cheap Beets
There are so many more out there, but I thought I would just narrow it down to a few for this purpose.  You should really go check these blogs out when you have a chance!

Thanks again E for honoring me with this award!  :)  That's it for today, but I will be back tomorrow with a DIY mudroom update to share.  


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out. Your blog is absolutely stunning, and I am always amazed when I read it. I need to figure out how to make a new blog section for blogs I read that aren't necessarily about food, because I totally adore your blog, too!

  2. You're so very very welcome. I too am a huuuge fan of neat handwriting. We spend about a day practicing at school (interior design) and the teacher called me out on how great mine was... I think I turned red. It pays off!!

  3. Heather, i am so sorry i am just now seeingthis!! Thank you so much that is so kind of you to think of me!