House Crashing Update

We are back from Chicago and slowly recovering from all the work, excitement and craziness of our travelling renovation weekend.  We are definitely tired (mostly from the 5+ hours we spent waiting in the airport/on the plane for our delayed flight to take off last night....thank you New England weather) but we had an absolute blast!  From the 15 trips to Home Depot to the midnight sprints down the hall to a spare condo unit to use the bathroom (since we removed the toilet on Friday night and didn't re-install it until Monday night...YIKES)....there were no dull moments to be had.  And we honestly couldn't have asked for a better couple to spend it with either.  B and his friend T were roommates back in college (and long after college ended) and have been close ever since.  And LP is his trusty wife/sidekick who happens to moonlight as a doctor when she's not renovating her condo!!  They are an amazing couple and the absolute most deserving of this little weekend makeover!

I haven't uploaded all of the during and after photos yet, but here's a little peek at the before photos to whet your appetite......



I'll be back tomorrow with more on the renovation weekend, including all of the after photos!!  Stay tuned....

Also this week, I will be doing a full post on our own kitchen renovation, mudroom and all.  I realized that I did a lot of peicemeal posts about it as I went, so I thought I would do a REAL before and after post on the big kitchen renovation.  YAY!!


  1. I LIVE for before/after house shots! Can't wait:)

    PS I added you to my "thanks for the mention" section! Sorry it took me so long to get around to it!