Happy fourth of july!!

I love this time of year; warm weather, cold beer, cooking on the grill and the sound of ice cream trucks roaming the neighborhood.....what more could a girl want?  Well....maybe a massage or even a shopping spree that magically does not appear on your bank statement...or both.  Ha.  I wish.

The thing I love most, though, is the happy feeling I get during the summer months.  Everyone seems to be outside, either going for walks, sitting on the deck/patio or working in the yard.  The sunshine seems to conjure up this sense of comraderie within new england.  People are just a little bit nicer (except those people in their cars right now sitting in traffic trying to get out of town for the weekend...yikes).  I'm sure that we would always be happy if we lived in los angeles or somewhere else that is warm all year round, but us new englanders get one chance a year to feel this and we L.O.V.E it.  It's as if we know that it will be short lived, so we desperately try to make the most out of every moment.  Maybe we appreciate it more because we have to suffer through the brutal winter to get it.  Its kind of special....

But I digress.

All I really wanted to say is happy fourth of july!!  And in the midst of all of the grilling and drinking and sun-worshipping (with spf 30, of course) I will definitely take a moment to say a little prayer for those soldiers over seas now and those that we have lost over the years to this terrible war.  It's easy to forget that this is more than just a long weekend away from the office.  I am very proud to be an American (even though we choked in the world cup.....)  :)  

Although I doubt anyone is reading this, other than my mom (hi!), I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend. 

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