And the story begins....

Hi all.  My name is Heather.  My husband and I recently moved to Hingham, Massachusetts where we bought our first house.  I am starting this little blog to document our lives as newlyweds (well...it's almost two years now, but it still feels "new"), our experiences in renovating and decorating this new casa, the early stages of my calligraphy business and, most importantly, how to be a good sane wife, friend, sibling, daughter etc. during all of it.  And of course, if I can bestow any lessons learned or DIY successes (and failures) with you, that will be icing on the cake.

As a little background, my husband and I were married in August of 2008.  I promise to include more info on "our story" in a later post.  We moved from the big city (er...charlestown actually, but its still pretty city-like) to the burbs back in January of 2010.  We rented our condo out to some awesome tenants and made our way to the south shore.  We bought this house knowing that it would need a little "updating," but I never imagined we would be in this deep.  If you notice, I said "we" bought our house knowing the it would need work, but "I" am the one that is baffled by the blood, sweat and tears we have already poured into it.  I make that distinction because my husband (let's call him "B") has no qualms about it.  He acts like this is just a walk in the park.  "Oh honey, 5 months without a sink, countertop, floors and appliances in the kitchen isn't bad.....you are just exaggerating".  Ha.  The difference between him and I is a little thing called "instant gratification."

Every apartment, flat or even hotel room that I have ever stayed in has been whipped into shape within a day of arrival.  I like to feel settled.  Nothing fancy, I have a very simple style, but settled.  In fact, up until this point in my life, I thought everyone did.  Almost as if its an innate or unconcious yearning to be comfortable and stable.  Well....B does not agree.  He is the exception.  He seems to be fine living in a certified disaster zone.  To be perfectly honest though, his nonchalance keeps me a little grounded.  OK.  A lot grounded.  We balance each other out pretty well.  I suppose if we were both having meltdowns on the sub-floor in our still-not-close-to-finished-after-5-months-of-takeout-kitchen, then we would be in real trouble. 

So here is where we begin the journey.  Hopefully you will join me through the ups and downs, the triumphs and the failures (of which there are many) of our experiences in life, love and homeownership.  Buckle your seatbelts, folks....it's going to be a bumpy ride!!  :)

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