We will laugh about this someday.....

Following my post from last week about the toilet debaucle, I thought I would share some more "exciting" developments from the home front.  If i didn't have the urge to call up our realtor or the bank and ask for our money back before....then I definitely do now.  Lesson learned from all of this: the next time i think about opening my mouth and asking my husband to start a project at 10:00 at night, i really hope i remember this night. 

Picture us sitting down watching tv with our little bowls of ice cream (ok...first of all, mine is not really little, and its not in a bowl either.  It's piled high in a huge mug (thanks, bree!) and B is eating his out of a plastic upside down red sox cap that you get at fenway park...shh he probably doesn't want anyone to know that).  Sad.  I know...but back to the story.  So, less than two minutes after scooping out our dessert, it is already becoming soupy.  Not a fan of soupy ice cream.  The temperature in our house is hovering around 90-95 and the fans are just not cutting it any more.  Thankfully (and due in large part to my parents' research skills) we found an air conditioner IN STOCK in new england the other night.  I swear home depot has a form of instant messenger that they communicate from store to store with, because after calling the 15th one, they started to say, "no, we don't have any" before i even said hello!  But we found one.  Hooray!  B ran to get it monday night after work and it was just staring at me in the box on the floor.  I looked up from my glorified soup and gave B the "I would love you so much if..." look.  Thus...we began the journey of installing our GINORMOUS 15,000 btu  a/c unit. 

But wait, it gets better.  I didn't just want it in ANY window.  No.  It had to go in the window behind the tv (since we wanted to move the tv eventually ANYWAY...right?).  B rolled his eyes, but like the wonderful husband that he is, he obliged.  We started by unhooking the cable wire and snaking it back through the floor into the basement.  The wonderful verizon guy installed it up next to the heating pipe in our floor so that it would be hidden (genious).  All he did was drill a hole into the hard wood underneath the baseboard heating cover and voila!  So simple.  Right?  Let's just try it on the opposite side of the room so we can put the tv over in that corner.  B agrees that it shouldn't be too hard and grabs the drill. 

I am standing in the basement holding a flashlight up through the existing hole where the heating pipe is so that he can see where NOT to drill.  We are all set to go, so B (upstairs in the living room) starts drilling down......then I hear a large *plunk*.....and it starts RAINING down on me!!!  I stand there frozen for a good 30 seconds before screaming and running around with my head cut off trying to find things to sop up the pooling water.  Apparently B is doing the same upstairs....meaning that NO ONE is shutting off the water.  Yea, hindsight is 20/20.  B finally figures out which valves to turn off and the water slows to a drip.  we spend the next 2 hours using towels and sheets to clean up the floors, walls, windows and CEILING in the living room (yes, I said ceiling.  It was like a geyser shooting up through the room) and moving boxes in the basement so the contents wouldn't get ruined.  All the while grumbling nasty things under my breath and huffing around the house giving my husband the stink eye. 

Needless to say, we didn't install the air conditioner that night.  In fact, we put the tv right back to where it started and snaked the cable right back through the floor board that it came from and tried to pretend like nothing ever happened.  B tried to make light of it that night, saying that we would laugh about it someday.  Yes, someday.  But it was too soon to laugh for me.  In fact, its still too soon because its been two days and we STILL DON'T HAVE HOT WATER.

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