It feels like home...

We got back from San Francisco yesterday morning and I am feeling a lot of things right now..... 

(1) Tired.  I couldn't possibly be more exhausted (which usually means one of two things; you had an AWESOME trip and didn't get much sleep there or you had a TERRIBLE flight home and didn't get much sleep on it).  In this case, both apply.  We took the red eye back on Monday night and went straight to work from there....side note: if I ever consider this again in the future, please stop me!  I am still struggling to keep my eyes open. 

(2) Confused.  I love New England and was born and raised here....but there is definitely some California girl inside me.  I was absolutely enamored with San Francisco and Napa.  The food, the people, the hills, the architecture, the WINE.....it just felt comfortable to me.  Like home.  I would move there in a heart beat....except for the fact that our family is here, our jobs are here and most importantly, our new house is here.  Ugh.  Responsibilities!  Maybe we can retire there though.....

(3) Inspired.  I spent most of my time in San Francisco wandering around the different neighborhoods while B attended his conference; soaking up all of the local culture and taking lots of pictures (I will upload them tonight).  It was fun and relaxing (even though I was walking up hills all day)...and most importantly, inspiring.  I wanted to take pictures of everything and kept feeling the urge to paint.  The colors and textures and shapes of everything were just so beautiful.  This feeling isn't new, I definitely get that way everytime I am visiting somewhere new, but it is exciting nonetheless.  B gave me an easel last year and I haven't felt inspired enough to break it in....maybe now is the time.  :)

But even though my emotions are scattered and I am longing for a return trip, it was REALLY nice to be home last night.  And trust me, those words haven't come out of my mouth ONCE since we've moved into the new place.  During the renovation, I didn't feel comfortable or cozy.  It felt like a house that we lived in.  It was just boxes and plastic and tools everywhere.  Nothing personal or styled. 

But finally, after MONTHS of insanity, it is starting to feel like home.

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  1. I can definitely identify with that feeling of home just feeling like a house initially. It took a long time for us to really feel like our cottage was HOME. I remember one day, however, walking in and breathing deep. It all smelled so familiar and cozy, and I thought, "boy, it's good to be home".

    You have a really lovely blog here, Heather! Thanks for "inviting me over", and thanks for reading b*spoke. It's great to have you as a neighbor. :)