Pregnancy: 32 weeks

I am about half-way through my 32nd week of pregnancy and I'm feeling pretty good.  Definitely more tired than usual, but otherwise no complaints.  The only big change since my last update at 30 weeks is that I have started to experience the "nesting" instinct.  BADLY!  I've heard a few friends mention it in the past, but I never fully understood it until I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors on Sunday night because nothing was "clean enough".  It was a completely irrational feeling.  I literally felt that if I didn't organize and clean and move just about everything in my house that I was not fulfilling my duties prior to his birth.  Crazy, right?  But from what I've read in the baby books, this is totally normal behavior.  Regardless, I still felt a little crazy while it was happening (and even more so now that I'm confessing it to all of you).  Have any of you ever done this before?  I would love to hear about it if you have.  Maybe I will feel a little less strange knowing that other people out there were rearranging their tupperware collection to "prepare" for the baby's arrival (since he or she cares AT ALL about how organized your cupboards are). 

At least I know that one person out there is going through the same thing.  Jen over at Home In the Country (which is a fabulous blog by the way) is a few weeks ahead of me and just posted the other day about her crazy tendencies in the final weeks of her pregnancy.  If you haven't checked out her blog before, I highly suggest it.  She is always doing or creating something fun and interesting.  My most recent fave on her blog was this post about how to make book slings for the nursery.  I am definitely going to follow this tutorial in the coming weeks for our own nursery.  In fact, I might even be making an IKEA trip tonight to check out the metal towel rods that she used.  It just so happens that IKEA is right next to Costco and Michaels (dangerous, I know), so I can't help but take a quick peek whenever I'm stocking up on paper towels and toilet paper right next door.  Although, let's be honest, IKEA is not a quick-browse kind of place.  It is like the bermuda triangle for shoppers.  I wouldn't be surprised if some people use their GPS INSIDE the store!!  If you watch people exiting the building at the end of their shopping journey, they are totally discheveled and their eyes are glassed over.  It is like people get sucked into this time warp and they're not sure how long they've been in there, or in some cases, how to even get out!  I'll update you on my finds tomorrow though (if I end up doing more than window shopping tonight and make it out of there unscathed)!  Wish me luck!

But enough rambling.  I really just wanted to give you a quick update on how the pregnancy is going so far.  Less than 8 weeks left until d-day!!  YAY!  We have my shower coming up this weekend (YAY to that too!!!  Can't wait to see everyone!!) and then a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled for July 8th (with a few random doc appointments scattered around in there too).  Has anyone done the 3D one before?  My brother and sister-in-law did for their twins and the pictures are AMAZING!  It's a little bit weird to see that kind of detail of your unborn child, but since we don't have another ultrasound scheduled (and may not get another one unless there is a complication in the next few weeks), I wanted to make sure we had a few more glamour shots of the little guy before he arrives.  Unfortunately its not covered by insurance, but I attended a baby expo a few weeks back that offered a 10% discount on the package....so, it's not terribly expensive.  And, to have some cute pics (and even a DVD) of him hanging out in the womb is pretty priceless to me at this point. 

In the meantime, and if you need me, I'll be color-coding my spice rack.....


  1. you two are going to make such a beautiful baby--love the photo! i have never been pregnant but my sister-in-law just gave birth a few months ago and she went crazy with the cleaning. she made us laugh with her stories. so you are not alone, i know she was right there with ya :) ill come back and let you know how im doing when its my turn! enjoy your weekend!


  2. LOL, I remember that all too well!! It actually helps though as it will be the last thing you want to do when you are sleep-deprived!! Enjoy your shower this weekend - such a fun time!

  3. Aww. Thanks for the sweet shout-out. Can't wait to see your book slings!!

    At this point, my spices have been labeled & organized, as have the tupperware and every other shelf in the kitchen. I am totally running out of things to organize!! It's so irrational. But also kind of nice to get the house so clean!!

    You look great - love the pic of you two in this post!

  4. how exciting!

    Yes I nested BIG time with this last baby, for most of the last trimester. He is 2 weeks old tomorrow, and my house looks completely trashed already ( joy of other kids!) and although its driving me mad, I care more about sleep lol

  5. What a lovely photo. I hear nesting is very common when you are getting near your due date. All the best for the weeks ahead. Ange