Baby News: Announcement

I am in my 19th week now, just three more days until the halfway point.  If you had asked me a few weeks back, I would have told you that this was taking forever, but I can honestly say right now that I feel like it has flown by!!!  I turned a corner on the morning sickness this week as well, so I am feeling great and really starting to show now.  I know this is a DIY/decor/home-related blog, but I might start posting some weekly bump photos to keep my family in the loop on my progress.  Sorry for those of you that strictly read this for the trials and tribulations of homeownership.  I promise that we will get back into action with some projects very soon (in fact, we are planning on working on the yard this upcoming weekend, so I'll be blogging about that early next week).  In the meantime though, I have some important news to share.  Yesterday at our ultrasound appointment we found out that some exciting news about the pregnancy.............

photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

And if you haven't already guessed by the inspiration photo above.......well........

It's a BOY!!!!

We would have been completely overjoyed either way, but we are really thrilled to be expecting a boy in August.  I have two older brothers and my husband is an older brother, so I suppose we both like the idea of our future kids having an older brother as well.  I must admit that I'm a little sad not to be able to buy beautiful dresses and hair accessories and such, but hopefully we will be blessed with a baby girl at some point in the future and I will get it out of my system them.  Until that time though, I am all fired up to start working on the nursery!!!

We are still going to try and keep it relatively gender neutral, but I have changed my mind a little on the wall color.  Instead of going with the silver sage color and adding in soft, calming accent colors, I am leaning more towards a light beige/grey color on the walls with navy, yellow, lime or teal green and some punches of orange.  I love the bedding in the photo above, but I'm not sure its exactly what I'm looking for.  I would really like to have one piece of fabric with a few bold colors in it and then work around that with beiges and whites to tone it down.  I think it will complement the cherry wood furniture nicely! 

But then again, who knows.  I could change my mind tomorrow and go a different route.  I think I will have a better handle on my plan once I can get some swatches and start piecing together a mood board for the room.  That always helps me put things into perspective.  For the moment, I am just going to continue walking on air and dreaming about what our baby boy is going to be like......

Can't wait to meet him!!

And of course, if any of you have had boys or are expecting boys in the near future, I would love to hear about your nursery designs or ideas (and about your experiences with them).  I am all ears people!!  I will take a photo of the room tomorrow morning if the light is good and show you what type of space we are dealing with.  Thanks guys!  Can't wait to hear about all of your ideas.


  1. awww how exciting! i have a girl and it was pink/light green with little flowers...it was actually a martha stewart baby set..super cute! anyways, i'm sure you'll do just great and HE will adore it! can't wait to meet him as well and see his fab room :) xoxo's nancy

  2. that's so exciting. i remember when i found out i was having a girl - the whole pregnancy/baby thing began to feel more real to me. now, let the planning and painting begin!

  3. Congratulations on finding our you're having a boy! I won't be able to find out until beginning of May and we are really hoping for a a boy as well!

  4. Congratulations! Little boys are so much fun!

  5. Awww, yay for baby boys!!! How exciting!!! Can't wait to see your nursery:)

  6. Oh how exciting! Decorating for a boy is so fun.

  7. woo hoo!! I came here specifically looking for an update on the baby's sex, and low and behold here is the news I've been waiting for! Yay! It's a boy boom! Everyone I know has had/is having boys, it's nuts! Many fun times await this little crew. :) xoxo to you guys; hope to see you soon. Let me know if you need anything. I'm back at work this week and starting to get back into a groove, so I'm not as useless as I have been the past couple months :)