Attention Moms-to-be: AMAZING DEAL!!!!!

I was casually checking emails the other night (10:30 pm to be specific) and came across a daily update from babycenter.com (through one of their partners diapers.com).  If any of you moms-to-be aren't signed up for this yet, I highly recommend it.  Not only do you get information on promotions and sales, but you get weekly updates on the growth of you and your baby.  It's pretty cool. 

This specific email was offering an AMAZING deal though (click here to check it out).  Like, pinch yourself, to-good-to-be-true, deal!!  Prepare yourselves, people. Ok, here goes....if you buy a Britax B-Ready Stroller (which is $499.99.....yes, definitely expensive, but it can hold an infant carseat and then later convert to accommodate a second child....so you can use it for years and years) you get a Britax Chaperone infant car seat for FREE!!!!  The infant car seat goes for $229.99, so you are saving a TON of money!!!  Just enter BRITAXGIFT as the promo code at checkout and you are good to go!!

We definitely needed both of these items for Little B's arrival in August so it was a no brainer for us to jump on the deal.  And coincidentally enough, these two items were already listed on my registry.  I read countless reviews and safety reports on car seats and strollers over the last few weeks, and ultimately decided that Britax was right for our family.  For one, Britax has AMAZING safety ratings, and secondly, I have had a bunch of friends own them and rave about how easy they are to use.  If you are in the market for a stroller and an infant car seat, I HIGHLY recommend this deal!!!!  I can't provide a personal recommendation for the use of the product just yet, but I will DEFINITELY report back to you when we start using it in a few months.  I buy almost everything based on user reviews and recommendations.  A personal testimony of a product is so much more reassuring to me when I can't try it out for myself.   

Oh, and I almost forgot to share with you the best part......the fabric!!  I know all of you design-savvy people out there can appreciate this portion of the deal, even if you aren't expecting a child at the moment.  The stroller comes in a few standard colors....green, red, silver and black.  And although the car seats come in coordinating colors to match, they also offer a fabric called "cowmooflage".  Now, I'm definitely not normally an animal print fan, but for this....I couldn't resist!!!! 

How cute is that???  We got it in the mail yesterday (oh, and did I mention that the offer includes FREE SHIPPING as well!!!!  We ordered on Tuesday night and got it on Thursday!!!  Honestly, can it get any better than that??).

Ok, enough of  my ranting.  If you are in the market for these items, go check it out!!  If not, I apologize for the random product-related post but I couldn't resist sharing the deal with you!!

Happy Friday everyone!! 

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