Behind door #2...

I have a dirty little secret to share with you.....sometimes I don't completely finish all of my projects!!!  I know, I know, its terrible.  Most of the time, I just tell myself that I will just get to it tomorrow or the next weekend, etc., etc., but there are definitely times when I literally FORGET about a project.  And that is the case with our bathroom door.....

During our renovation of the half bath a few months back, I painted EVERYTHING from wall color to trim to ceiling....EVERYTHING!  I even painted the exterior-facing side of the door black (in keeping with the other internal hall door theme discussed here)...and later changed my mind and re-painted it white, since the bathroom is right next to the kitchen where the cabinets and other doors are white.  But...somewhere along the way I forgot to actually paint the other side of the door.  And since I hardly ever use that bathroom, or even pay attention when I actually do, I never noticed that the yellow door stuck out like a sore thumb in our nice new blue and white bathroom!  OOPS!  Guests that have visited must have thought I was crazy!!

Awful, right?  Made worse by the fact that the rest of the room is freshly painted!  EEEK!  To remedy the disaster, I pulled out my handy-dandy Purdy brush last night and went to town with some already-owned Behr white trim paint.  I probably should do a second coat for good measure tonight, but the initial results are already 100 times better!! 

Now I just need to hang some photos on the right-side wall (or left if you are standing in the doorway).  Our computer crashed the other day and iPhoto is not cooperating, so we are going to have to wait on that project until we can a) fix the problem; or b) buy a new computer (which I'm voting for)!  Until then, I am just happy that the yellow door is no more!  I have to admit that it was a little sad to see the last of the drab, dingy yellow color disappear from our house....but that moment was fleeting!  Now, I'm just happy to check another project off my list (regardless of the fact that I wasn't aware it was on my list).  Perhaps I have just gotten to the point where I subconsciously remove things from my list to make it appear less daunting??  I guess we'll never know!

I also realize that I promised the deck reveal today (or yesterday...I can't remember), but B is still working on the final 4 railings, so I thought I would let him finish those up before I posted the reveal.  It will look much more complete that way!  Hopefully I will have something to share with you next Monday!  In the meantime though, I am working on some decorative updates to the dining room and living room this week.  I will have some updates on that tomorrow!! 

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  1. thats how things go with makeovers! but the new white door looks lovely