Lions and Tigers and Bears....Oh my!

Ok....it's really more like lions and zebras and elephants...but you get the idea.  It sounded better the first way!

So, in lieu of announcing the deck reveal, or going into another long rant about cozying up my casa, I thought I would take a break from the regularly scheduled programming and share some photos with you today.  I was going through our Africa photos on my computer last night and came across these ones, which are some of my favorites. 

And since we have officially been back from Africa for a month now, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few more snippets of our experience.  These were all taken with my small Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH camera.  Not too bad, little one. 

I still have yet to upload all of the photos from our new SLR camera (since our computer is currently claiming there's no room at the inn for memory capacity)....but I will have a lot more close-up shots (we're talking snots in the nose of a giraffe and fuzz on the head of a baby baboon) to share once we can figure out how to remedy the space issue.  Honestly, we are in the market for a new computer anyway, so this might just be the push we needed to take the plunge.  Not in the budget, though, my friends!  Maybe Santa will bring us something special under the tree this year! 

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