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Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a nice long holiday weekend!  We just got back home last night after a little jaunt to Bar Harbor/Winter Harbor for a few days.  It is always so great to get away from everything, but I feel like the work week hits me that much harder when I've been resting all weekend long.  Ugh!  But when the alarm clock went off this morning it was back to reality!  A reality filled with a busy work week and a very special client wedding project. 

I am really excited about this one!  I love doing all sorts of wedding projects, big and small.  Even addressing envelopes is kind of fun for me (I know...this is where you start to understand my craziness).  But, back to my new project.  This bride is a friend of mine and she is having her wedding at the Boston Public Library (gorgeous!!!) this coming weekend.  I am only working on one piece of the puzzle, but it sounds like it is going to be an absolutely amazing event!!  Her theme, if you can call it that, seems to be italian-influenced romance.  There will be old poetry books on the tables with lots of flowers and candlelight.  The library is a beautiful spot as is, but with all of this ambiance,  it is sure to wow the guests!  And I hope that my added touch will help her vision all come together. 

I'm working on a handwritten scroll-looking menu the size of a poster.  It will be placed at the entrance to the dining area so the guests can stroll by it whilst finding their seats for dinner.  I believe it will be showcased on an easel.  I have sketched it all out, so all I need to do is work on the coloring and detail.  The paper is a very fine parchment paper that looks beautiful and worn, but is often difficult to do calligraphy on.  I tested out a piece last night and it took well to it, I just might need to go very.....very slowly!  Pain is beauty my friends.  I am also adding in some vine work with grapes to give the piece a little pop of color.  Her palette includes brown, gold, purple and green, so the vines will hopefully tie into the flowers and other decor! 

I will take some photos tonight when I'm finished and share them tomorrow!! 


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