The Great Wall of China

Tile is sort of like china, right?  I'd certainly rather eat off it than lay it, but that is neither here nor there.  And it may be getting a little too Fifty Shades for this family-friendly blog.  I am so tired of tiling, I can't even tell you.  I made some progress this weekend, but it still feels like it's the never-ending story.  You probably feel that way too.  Enough with the progress reports, Heather, let's see the finished product!!  I know!  I am sick of hearing myself talk about it too, so I feel your pain.

But we are getting there.  And I'm happy with how it's turning out, so I guess that is saying something.  I just keep chanting, "you are saving money, you are saving money" and that gets me through.....the first five minutes or so.  After that, I just wallow in self-pity until I get a few more rows done so I can feel like I have accomplished something that day.  I made a good dent in the wall on Sunday though, so the end is in sight.  Here is where I left off last week.

And here is the progress I made the other day.

I was hesitant about the mosaic, but I think it breaks up the monotony of the subway tile a little bit.  They came in sheets of 18x18, so I just cut them in half to make it a little less overwhelming.  B loves it (it was his idea originally), but I am still on the fence.  I like the tile on its own, I'm just not sure about it on the wall.  I mean, it's a little too late to do much about it at this point, but that will never stop me from complaining forming an opinion about it.  Just ask B....it's his favorite trait of mine.  Probably the very reason he married me.  :)

But it's coming along and I'm really happy with it overall.  One whole wall is done and I just need to finish up a few more rows on the second wall.  Almost halfway there!!!  Only trouble is, I left the hardest part for last.  Not the best strategy in home improvement.....or life, for that matter.  There is a big hill near my house and I made the mistake of ending there the first time I went for a run.....huffing and puffing my way up it when I was already exhausted (which was about 7 minutes into the workout).  The next day, I started on the hill and ended on a descent and though I probably didn't get the same workout, I made it all the way home without stopping.....and got faster and faster as time went on.  I am not against challenging myself, but it made so much more sense to test my limits when my legs were fresh, rather than strain them when they were weak.  I'm sure personal trainers are gasping at my advice, but it worked for me.  And I really should have applied that theory to my tiling project.  If I had started on the tough spot, I would be smooth sailing at this point.  But I forgot about my running episode and just dove right in without a plan.  Next time.....I'll do it right.  That is, if there ever is a next time.  I am all tiled out at this point.  I need some time away from the tile saw.  And I'm sure it is feeling the same way after I shook it in frustration at the end of the day on Sunday.  Maybe a trial separation.  We'll see how he feels in a few months....when we are thinking about re-doing the upstairs bathroom.  Gasp!  Dun dun dun.....

To be continued.......more progress updates (or maybe just a final show and tell) next week!

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