And then there were floors...

I know I used that line already (here) for Pace's arrival, but it seems to fit pretty well here too so I apologize for my unoriginality.  :) I know that people talk about "pregnancy brain" but I'm pretty sure that I still have it (or rather DON'T have it) seven months later.  Kind of like my body...haha.

Back to the floors though.  Pergo floors to be exact.  I have to tell you about the deal I got because I almost don't believe it myself.  As usual, I went back and forth (literally from store to store and website to website) deciding on the laminate.  One day I made a random trip to Lowe's to pick up an exterior light and I did a little drive by the flooring section when I came across a yellow tag on the bottom shelf.  I'm not sure if you are all aware of the yellow tag, but it usually means an AMAZING deal.  I initially assumed it was not what I was looking for (color-wise or style-wise) but to my surprise, it was pretty normal.  It was called Classic Red Oak by Pergo and it was on sale for $1.19/sq. ft. from $2.99/sq. ft.  CRAZY, right??  I would direct you up to the Lowe's website to show you what I mean, but the reason it was such a good deal is because they were on buy-back from Pergo.  I guess they were changing out the color or the name of the color or something (which they do on occasion when something isn't selling as much) so Lowe's was getting rid of them for cheap.  Real cheap.  I couldn't pass up the deal, so I bought every single one on the shelf....in 4 different stores.  I ended up having more than I needed, but I'm going to save a box or two in case we damage a piece later and they are no longer manufactured.  So all in all, we spent $556 on 520 sq. ft. of laminate (or $618 - $62.88 with a 10% coupon I had).  I thought that I just loved it for the price, but once we started installing it, I think that I like it regardless.....

And I liked it even more once the whole thing was complete!! (Please forgive the terrible, cluttered, messy photos....we haven't exactly cleaned up and put everything back in order yet, so these are just a sneak peek at the finished product)!

And for the bathroom floor, we chose the same tile as we used in our half bath renovation (more here).  It was $4.00/sq. ft. which came out to $182 ($168 for 42 sq. ft. plus $14 for grout).  I already had the tools and the thinset mortar from the kitchen backsplash project (here and here).  I apologize for the terrible process picture.  I meant to take more as we were working, but once we got started I got in a groove and didn't want to stop.....mostly for fear that I wouldn't start back up again.  Oh, and yes, I am wearing a sweatshirt that says "The Future Mrs. Carroll".  Haha.  Hell yea I still rock my pre-wedding digs.....to paint and tile and do messy things.  Sorry honey.  It's kind of weird to wear them anywhere else at this point (3.5 years later) so instead of wasting a perfectly good hoodie, I decided to put it to good use.......

Oh, and I also threw in a look at the shower floor tile.  It is only laid out at this point so I can see how many more 12x12 sheets I need.  What do you think?? 

And just because I have to throw in a picture of the little bug.....

We are so close to finishing this project, I can taste it!!  We even had time to install the doors and some trim so I will have more updates very soon!


  1. Wow you have been busy! I love the new flooring - it looks fantastic. The tiling in the bathroom and shower also looks fabulous. Can't wait to see the finished photos. Well done! Ange

  2. Can you please contact me if you have any to sell? We are desperately trying to finish a room but are a little short & can't find any of the classic red oak. Please email me at rj3918@hotmail.com. I realize this is an odd request, but we are desperate & you came up in a google search.

    Btw- your floors look great!

    Thank you,