I've Been Featured....

Go over and check out Remodelaholic today for a feature post on our Kitchen Remodel!! YAY!!  Thanks Cassity!!

Cassity was so sweet to reach out to me a few weeks back about my kitchen. I am truly honored to be featured on her amazing blog! If you haven't check it out before, it is the mecca for before and afters. If she is not already on your blog roll...ADD HER!!!  You won't regret it!

And in other random news....we are getting slammed AGAIN in New England with snow storms today and tomorrow.  It has been like this for 6 straight weeks.  I can't take it anymore!!!  The snow banks at the end of my driveway are 15 ft. high. It's just out of control!!!  If there are any other New Englanders reading this...good luck out there.  Drive safely and stay warm!!!  And for those of you in warm climates, I don't want to hear about your 70 degree weather!  I am so jealous.  My grandmother down in Tampa, FL is the worst!  Every time I talk to her, she asks me about the weather (even though she knows full well how awful it is) and as soon as I finish she jumps in and replies, "Well, it's BEAUTIFUL here today....the sun is shining...birds are chirping....I might even turn up the A/C today...whoof!".  WOW, thanks Gram.  You really know how to hit us when we're down huh?  So, unfortunately grandma doesn't get a lot of phone calls during this time of year......

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  1. Congratulations! Your blog is amazing and you totally deserve the recognition. I love coming here and drooling.