I'm so sorry that I have been MIA this week.  It has been insanely busy at work, which means that I can't stomach another moment in front of the computer once I finally get home.  And worst of all, I have no energy to execute any of the projects from my LOOOONG to-do list that I discussed a few weeks back (in this post).  I have so many ideas and plans for the house, but my day job just keeps getting in the way.  Does anyone else feel like that?  Maybe I can find a way to get paid for doing projects at my house all day?  It would save me the commute!!

I only kid though....sort of.  I do like going to work every day and getting out of the house a little, but I just feel so behind at home.  Hopefully things slow down a bit in the next few weeks though and I can focus on the important things in life....like re-painting the office and putting up curtains in my bedroom.  What more is there to life than that?? 

So for now, I wish you all a happy friday and a wonderful long weekend!  I will be back next week with a review of some Overstock items (and a discount code for all of you!!!) and hopefully an update on some projects that are getting underway in our little casa.  Fingers crossed.



  1. I hear ya. I could use about 4 more extra hours in my day! (although I would settle for 2)

  2. I hope you have a better week, next week! Relax this weekend....the to do list can wait!!!

  3. It's so tough to find the time. I can defintely relate to wanting to put down the computer once done with work, my entire job is online so I rarely have the motivation to blog.

    Get some rest and understand that burnout will happen and is kind of a blessing if you let it be. I hope this week is better for you!