Sneak peek

Here are a few more pics of the house.  I think I'll do a room or two at a time...a slow reveal, if you will.  

This is the living room. It was one of the things that drew us in right away...the  windows, the coffered ceiling, the detailed fireplace and the big sliding glass window.  It opens up to the kitchen and the dining room as well.  It still needs some work to cozy it up (maybe roman shades or shutters or curtains even?!?) but we are getting there slowly but surely!

I also need to find a new rug for the space since the one that's there is actually for the dining room (or at least it was in our old house), but we need it more in this space so the kids can sit and play and be comfy.  Trouble is, I'm so darn indecisive that I can't settle on the right one.  With most purchases, I can buy it and bring it back if it doesn't work in the space but rugs are a little more difficult to transport, especially since there are a few that I want that are online only.  And then it's the game of "should I wait and see if it goes on sale or just pull the trigger now?".  Does anyone else do that?  I feel like the item always goes on sale the day after I purchased it online.  Ugh!  So that's where we are at in the living room.  Thinking of switching up the pillows too but they work for now.  

More to come soon.  Maybe the kitchen??  :) here's a little peek of the island so you can get a feel for the layout and proximity to the living room.. 

And here's a few shots of the munchkins because I can't resist!