And then there were four....

Hello world, I'm Reagan Grace....

Meet our newest addition; i.e., the reason I have been so sparse in my postings (and not for lack of projects going on around the house...which is sort of insane with a new baby around)!!  Reagan was born on April 17th at 2:56, weighing in at 6 lbs, 1 oz and 19 inches long.  Such a little peanut.  So far everything has been better the second time around.  I wouldn't say "easier" but at least more predictable, and as for the labor, it was less than half the time.  Phew!  And nursing has even been a little better.  Again, I wouldn't say easier, just marginally less awful.  But that is a whole other post. Bottom line is that she is amazing.  Pace loves her.....so far....and we are settling into a new routine around these parts.  I am finally finding time to sit down a think coherent thoughts, sort of, so posts will be coming fast a furious soon.  I hope. 

In addition to our new addition, we have created a nursery for her, finished the basement renovation, laid a new patio in the backyard, completely overhauled our upstairs bathroom, and lots of little projects here and there to contribute to these bigger ones.  Can't wait to share and get back on the horse.

For now, here are some more shots of the peanut...


  1. Welcome to the world, Reagan Grace! You've got an awesome birthday. I look forward to seeing photos of your nursery. Your cousin Lilli's is still very much a work in progress.

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