Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

B caught me hanging out in the nursery last night.  It's really no surprise though.  I tend to do that a lot lately (sorry about the short shorts....it is just so hot out that I tend to wear the least amount possible while still trying to cover my growing self.....not easy, folks!!).  We could literally go any day now (god-willing), so I have been scrambling to get things done before he arrives.  Most recently I washed all of his newborn and 0-3 clothes and put them away (p.s. maybe it's a crazy hormonal thing, but I think that Dreft is the best smelling stuff EVER....I have actually considered washing ALL of our things in it, but then I realized that it might not be something that B aspires to smell like....at work or otherwise.  Eh, can't win them all).  We also bit the bullet and finally packed our "go bags" last night.  I'm not sure why I was putting it off, or what really scared me into doing it last night, but we just finally came to the realization that we don't want to be hanging out in the hospital wearing hospital gowns (and I use that in the plural sense, since B hates to wear his work clothes when he's not working, so I imagine that he would opt for the backless gown in lieu of a button-down shirt and dress pants...haha), staring at each other and waiting for things to happen.  Now, I do realize that I'm probably not going to want to play hop skotch in the hallway, but I also don't want to be waiting to dilate a few centimeters in the early stages when the contractions are RELATIVELY bearable and not have anything to do.  So we decided to pack Travel Scrabble, a deck of cards, an iPod dock station (since we have our own room), snacks and a camera (with the charger too).  We threw some clothes and toiletries in there too, but the important stuff was really the entertainment-related things.  If nothing else, it will keep B occupied in case I decide that I can't stand the look of him for putting me through this and kick him out of the room during a bad contraction.  You never know?  I used to be a girl scout....so we always try to be prepared.  Hehe.

Other than that though, we are just waiting for him to make his debut.  I wouldn't say we are waiting patiently, but we are hanging in there.  I'm sure that the longer he stays in there, the better for him, so by all means little one, keep on cookin'!!!  I won't lie and tell you that I'm still feeling wonderful, but I am really not feeling that bad.  I can still get around pretty well (walking back and forth to work - 1.5 miles each way, and doing the elliptical or bike at lunch).  Some people probably think I'm crazy, but I feel SOOOO much better when I'm moving.  He dropped pretty low in the last few weeks, so if I sit down too long, he manages to nestle right in my hip joint and take a little snooze.....NOT my favorite position.  I have found if I move around though, he will tend to shift over a few centimeters to give me some temporary relief.  I am definitely not moving fast by any means during these "sessions" but the act of moving at all seems to put me back in touch with my old self and provides a little bit of normalcy to this whole process.  But again, I can't complain at all.  This has been a great pregnancy and I'm still feeling pretty good.  A little more hot, a little more uncomfortable and a little more tired than I have been in the past few weeks, but I must say that it is all very tolerable.  Maybe I won't be so lucky with my next, but I'm trying to relish it for now!!

In addition to packing our own "go bags" last night, we also packed one for the baby.  He needs to be comfy on his first ride home too, right??  Even though its summer and has been quite warm in New England the last few weeks, we decided on a long sleeve kimono-style outfit from Gap to take him home in.  It probably seems like it will be too much for him, but we will be going from one air-conditioned place to another, so I'd rather have him be nice and cozy than too cold. 

We also packed him a sleeveless onesie just in case we change our minds though!!  Honestly, I might have packed him more outfits than I did for myself!!  You can never be too prepared. 

If you look closely in the picture above, you can sort of see the crib skirt fabric peeking out from under the mattress.  It's the Serena and Lily Slate Goldenrod Mosaic print that I ordered last week. 

The first swatch in the photo above.....

It finally came in and I can't tell you how much I love it in the room.  It is very subtle, but it really ties all of the colors in the room together.  Like I said in an earlier post, it was a little more expensive than I normally like to pay for fabric ($40/yd) but I really loved it and couldn't seem to find anything comparable for a cheaper price.  We saved quite a bit on other things for the nursery, so I decided that one splurge in the room was acceptable.  Ahhh....the things we do to justify our purchases!! 

I still haven't hemmed and sewn the crib skirt though, all I did was place it under the mattress to see how they matched.  The fact that you can't really tell that I didn't sew it yet is going to make it very hard to get motivated to do the project though.  I know it won't take me long, but when something looks nice already, why change it??? 

And finally, we managed to hang up something on the wall last night as well.  The mirror above the crib (which I found at Home Goods a few months back for $19.99) was a super simple and super affordable way to break up the wall space a little.  We have a few more things to hang in the room as well, but we need to buy some more picture-hanging hooks before we can do that.  Everything is ready to go though, so I will be back soon with updates on some more artwork that we did for the room. 

Only two weeks to go, so I better get my act together.....

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  1. Well, hi! I just happened across your blog and am glad I did. My hubs and I bought our first house in April 2010 and we (okay, I) have been slowly updating it as best as we can afford. It tough work, but so rewarding! I'm your newest follower now and look forward to reading more from you!